What is love? It’s the question that so many ask and most have been lucky to experience it at least once.

Well I mean love is a good thing right?? Lately I’ve been questioning those asking what love means to them and if they fear love? You will get the occasional human that has had their heart broken and fears ever putting themselves out there and loving again. That not a fear of love though. That’s a fear of being hurt or heart broken.

What would you do if you were walking down the street by yourself or even with your family. A wife, husband, or maybe with your kids. You are just walking in the town of Normal, America and an average joe walks up. He has clean clothes on, semi-attractive, and even smells that of an expensive cologne. His hair is cut nicely and as he approaches your family he bends down wearing his button up tucked into his dress pants and he looks at your son or daughter and says

“I love you and I hope you have an amazing life.”


What do you do? You have NO CLUE who this male is but he just told your child, wife, or husband that he loved them.

Instantly things are already sparking in your mind “creep”, “pedophile”, “weirdo”. You grab your loved ones and speak a bit of your mind to this man who is now there standing, smiling. Rush away while talking to each other about how AWKWARD that was and if they should call the police.

But why???

“It’s the protective side of me”

Why? A completely normal human just gave one of the greatest comments/compliments you could ever receive. Yet you’re freaking out.

“There are a bunch of weirdos out there.”

If you are reading this and I told you that I love you and I hope you have an amazing life would you fear it? “I know you” You do? What’s my favorite ice cream?

“Is he gay?” He just told a man he loves him. “Is he a pedophile?” He just told my son he loves him. “Weirdo”

We have lost our grasp with why we are here. If you believe you are born to go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, save for retirement and then die then you should probably stop reading now……

Go ahead…..I’ll give you time to X out of this page.

We have learned to fear love. That isn’t natural. We aren’t born full of hate or racism or scared of love.

We are literally a ball of confusion and love as a baby. A complete clean slate, open minded. We aren’t tainted by other voices, opinions, or beliefs.

If you don’t see the hate in our world, then please turn on a tv. I know, I know the media is the devil and I hate it as much as you might, but when people are dying because of the color of their skin or their religion then it’s something we should pay attention to NOW.

“He doesn’t have kids; he doesn’t know that you would die for your kids.”

You’re right. I don’t have kids. But the crazy part is that I wouldn’t only die for my kids. I’d die for your kids….

I don’t look at a family as my wife and I. My family is this WORLD. It is not these imaginary lines that’s created by governments in order to create a country.

“Make America Great Again.” ……………………..What about the 2 million CHILDREN dying in Africa merely because they are hungry.

“We need to make our country back to what it was before OBUMMER took over”

Good news……WE ARE….We are literally going back in time. Racism isn’t back. ITS ALWAYS BEEN HERE!

Now before you get all butt-hurt realize that I am not down for violence. Rioting to me is just as ignorant as the police shooting a black man holding his hands high in the air.

But look at it this way. What if your child is standing there and saying “Mom, I’m hungry”…..”Mom. I’m still hungry.”…….”MOOOOOOOMMMMMM…..IM HUNGRY”……..

Finally, after the mom doesn’t listen the child starts to throw a huge fit screaming, hitting, and throwing things!

Well this is what’s happening in our country. IT’S NOT EVEN HIDDEN!!! White kid rapes a woman and serves three months in jail. RAPES!!! Black man reaches for his wallet and as he does so, he informs the officer that he does have a gun and that he has a permit for it and that he is reaching to give him his I.D.

DEAD….if that was a young white rapist would he have been shot???? Don’t try to act that he would of or you are one of the ignorant.

We are a racist country and when a racist man that have the ability to have a “Huge” voice says let’s “Make America Great Again” all I think is…….

When was the last time America was great? Pretty sure we “conquered” this land from the Native Americans and then made slaves from humans……….

So back to love. I tell so many people I love them because I do. I love you. EVEN IF YOU WANT TO TROLL ME. Guess what? I love you…..yessssss…..let it soak in deep. I love you all and I hope happiness and health upon you, your family, and your life.

The only way we will “Make America Great Again” is to realize that it’s not about UHMERICA. We are one world. We are one race. If we do not come together and learn to love each other, if we continue to stop teaching love then we will fall apart and you will see more of what you see now.

Sadly this is only the tip of the iceberg…..

The next time someone angers you whether it’s your waiter that has taken too long to refill your diet coke, the driver that didn’t move fast enough when the light turned green, or the angry troll on the internet, I challenge you to stop before you react and wonder what might be going on in their life. What challenges are they facing or have they faced? What upbringing did they have and what were they taught as a child to an adult?

You never know what someone is going through. Maybe your waiter’s mom just passed away and as much as you need your diet coke he/she need their mom’s hug……

If you try to use the excuse that they will never change unless you tell them then why do it in a hateful way. Why be an ass when you can either help them or just not create or continue this ripple of hate.

The next time you are ready to spew hate from your mouth or through your actions think of the consequences it could create. Think of who you might be affecting and creating a certain negative mindset.

I promise you this. Hate won’t ever make our country nor the world great again.

Love can.

I challenge you to stop fearing love.

We are all equal no matter if you are gay, straight, black, white, tall, short, skinny or fat. We are one.

Be the change.