Vinson Massif | January 2018


Stepping foot onto Antarctica is something that can't truly be explained through words. The best I can do is a metaphor used often and it relates to what it must feel like to step onto the moon or another planet with equal gravity. The vastness is magical and sucks you in immediately. Even with important tasks needed to be done you constantly catch yourself stopped in the middle of starring at the beautiful nothingness with thoughts randomly filling your mind. How, Who, When, Where, What?!?!?! Most of the time it's hard to figure out if you are looking at the vastness or a distant cloud. Where does the horizon start? 

I was very lucky to be on an amazing team of climbers guided by Ryan Waters and Dave Elmore from Mountain Professionals. We established camps and ate like champs. We pursued the summit of Vinson Massif and obtained it. Three of our climbers finished their Seven Summits bid with this peak so as we descended back to our camps we celebrated and enjoyed the epicness known as Antarctica. I can't wait to go back.