Australia-Papua | February 2017

An adventure through the jungles of Papua quickly turned into a hostile environment after our 5th of the Seven Summits was completed. The morning after the summit we were to head back through the jungle for four days before we could fly back to civilization but a tribal war had broken out in Sugapa and the porters told us that if we tried to return we would be likely killed in the middle of the mayhem. 

Out of food and a rescue helicopter 2-3 days away we had no choice but to approach the forbidden Freeport Gold Mine and ask for assistance. Sadly we were turned away back into the cold wet nights of Papua. Luckily we were able to use our Garmin InReach to contact loved ones as they could reach out to the US Embassy and other contacts to set up a rescue. 

Watch the teaser as we produce a mini documentary series based on our YouTube page "More Than Just Me Tv"

They Call Me Big Papua Mini Documentary

Episodes 1 - 6